Corporate identity for Define Romance Fashion brand

The project is based on the launching of a new fashion brand. It starts from a romantic concept which is firstly shown in the naming: Define Romance (It is a french name, and french is the language of love). It develops into a serie of illustrations, graphic elements and colours which lead us to the idea of romanticism. This idea will be reflected in every layout and medium of the brand.



Corporate identity for Roberto Navazo Fashion designer

Roberto Navazo brand was born as a result of a very precise and well finished handmade work. The sewing, stitch after stitch, shapes the masterpiece, in which details make the difference.
The logotype and the rest the elements contrast from with the background colour.



Corporate identity for Después del cole Kindergarten

In order to inspire the brand corporate elements, we decided to work on the idea of plastic activities made by children, and also their free stroke style. The bright and eye-catching colours bring us closer to everyone’s idea of childhood.